Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Figure vs. Bikini vs. Bodybuilder

So everyone asks me what the heck I'm doing and what the different categories are . . . I had considered Figure, but what I really want is a Bikini body, so that's the direction I'm headed for my first competition! Yes, I have a date, October 9th, Cottonwood High School. Now that I have a real date in mind, I am more mentally ready to commit to the program. No more fluffing around like I have been . . . at least once Monday hits! Trainer Jill is working on my new eating plan and workout plan & I'm excited to have an end goal and a realistic timeline. It was hard to stay on top of it when it seemed so faraway and vague; besides, I had plenty of time. Why rush and hit my peak too soon, right? (This is my rationalizing the Blue Bell Binge of 2010.)

So for my interested friends . . . here are some pics from last year's winners of the competition I will be doing, and you can see what I'm up for . . . it's seeming less and less crazy everyday! Then you can compare to where I am now, & you can see what a long road I have ahead!

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